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Delivery: Hosta, Kudepsta, Dagomys 500 rubles.

Adler 1000 rubles

Krasnaya Polyana 2000 RUB.

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  • Will stand more than 7 days
  • Have a natural fragrance
  • Disclosed to the recipient
  • Individual business card to the bouquet
  • Or 100% anonymous shipping
  • We will deliver the bouquet, knowing only the phone number


Ball-foil star can be a great decoration for the holiday. Of course, the larger the event, the bulkier the bunch of balls should look. If for a family celebration, which is celebrated in an ordinary apartment, you will be limited to goods in the amount of 10-20 pieces, then for a wedding, a big corporate party, a city holiday it is better to order them as much as possible. Foil balloons are not just a decorative element for the holiday, but also an interesting and budget attribute for photography. On our website you can buy foil balls with delivery to Sochi for every taste and budget. The type and shape, as well as the number of balls that make up the air clouds, can be completely different. Delivery of balls in Sochi within an hour.

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